3Doodler Announces Sales Of Over 100,000 Pens; Launches New Plastics And Accessories Range At IFA

3Doodler 3D pen becomes the most popular 3D printing device on the market; announces accessories and plastics news at Tech tradeshow

3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen, is revealing its new accessories range of a 3Doodler stand, nozzle set, and foot pedal at IFA this year, as well as a brand new range of eight plastics.prrwadvert The pen, which retailed globally this year, allows people to 3D design incredible doodles, limited only by their own imagination.

3Doodler will be exhibiting their brand new accessories at the German tradeshow, including the DoodleStand, Nozzle Set, and the 3Doodler “Pedal”. The DoodleStand not only elegantly holds the 3Doodler but also moves, helping users doodle accurate and clean lines – especially useful for those with unsteady hands. The Nozzle Set is a series of six interchangeable nozzles including ribbon-shaped, square and triangular nozzles, which allow users to extrude plastic in completely new shapes and sizes – the set even includes a handy tool for removing and storing your nozzles. The Pedal, revealed for the first time at IFA, is a foot pedal that you control to stop and start the extrusion of plastic. This means you can hold the pen from various angles to create and doodle without the restriction of holding the buttons near the tip, making 3D design easier than ever before.

Having shipped more than 100,000 pens in the past 11 months, 3Doodler is now the world’s most popular 3D printing device. 3Doodler took the 3D printing world by storm after launching in 2013 as the world’s first 3D pen, and has now far surpassed the number of units sold by any other brand in the 3D printing space. Key to the 3Doodler’s success is how compact and easy it is to use. The pen allows you to literally draw in the air – whether freestyle 3D sketching or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures; the 3Doodler allows designers, geometrists, hobbyists, teachers, and architects to test out their ideas quickly and easily.

3Doodler now boasts one of the largest and most extensive ranges of plastics for any 3D printing related store, with a total of 46 colors across ABS and PLA. The introduction of the new range of eight colors – including Radioactive Yellow, Cotton Candy Pink, Café au Lait, and two additions to the “Clearly” range, Clearly Yellow and Clearly Black – is based on the company’s research and analysis of plastics purchasing behavior and user preferences to date.

“We’re very excited to be showing off our new accessories and plastics at IFA, after successfully shipping units globally and retailing in stores around the world.” said Daniel Cowen, Co-Founder. “The simplicity of 3Doodler has sparked imaginations. Just a few of the things that have been 3D designed include a 6ft scale model of the Tokyo Tower, the first ever life sized 3D printed humanoid skeleton, fashion designs, including a fully 3Doodled dress, and a working RC plane. That more than a hundred thousand people are using our 3D pen worldwide marks a fantastic year for both 3Doodler and the 3D printing industry alike; and by giving people new accessories and plastics to use with the 3Doodler, we hope to continue sparking imaginations and encouraging people to doodle truly fantastic creations”.

You can purchase 3Doodler at Maplin, Firebox and the Science Museum London in the UK, iGo3D and GetDigital.de in Germany, and Brookstone, the MoMA Design Store, ThinkGeek and Hammacher Schlemmer in the US; as well as the following leading retailers worldwide, to name a few:

Canada: DeSerres, Canada’s leading art, craft and DIY hobby store

Japan: Tokyu Hands, Loft, AppBank, MoMA, Yodobashi Camera and JoyFul

Singapore: Challenger and Digital Style

Russia: Madrobots.ru

Hong Kong:

UAE: Virgin Megastore, Jumbo Electronics, Hub Concept and DUCTAC

Ireland: Eason and Compu b

Scandinavia: CoolStuff.se and Clas Ohlson

Eckersley’s Arts & Crafts

Where to find 3Doodler at IFA 2014:

Showstoppers: Messe-Berlin Fairgrounds, Building 15.2 – 4th September 2014

IFA Berlin: Hall 11.1, Booth #13 – 5th-10th September 2014

For those looking for inspiration to get doodling, the 3Doodler Community Site is an online community of creators who are on hand to offer inspiration, give feedback and provide support to other users; including a huge array of stencils and user submitted 3Doodles.

About the 3Doodler

The 3Doodler is the world’s first 3D printing pen, having quickly become Kickstarter’s most popular 3D consumer printing device. Designed by WobbleWorks, Inc., an emerging consumer electronics and robotics company with big ideas, the 3Doodler has been created to be compact and easy to use; you simply plug the 3Doodler into a power socket and start drawing anything in 3D within minutes. Whether freestyle 3D sketching, or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures, anything is possible.

Note: the plastic extruded from 3Doodler is safe to touch once it has left the pen, but the pen itself has a metal tip that can reach 230c.

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