Looks To Assist Hollywood Professionals With New Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Hollywood Targeted Equity & Reward Crowdfunding Platform Hosts Recognized Names Among First Projects

Indie Crowd Funder, LLC announces the “Entertainment Professionals only” equity & reward crowdfunding platform designed to provide Hollywood professionals with a crowdfunding platform to “Fan-vest” their passion projects.

“Now, Hollywood professionals can offer equity or rewards to investors and fans,” said Gregory Parker, co-founder and CEO. “We are pleased to be innovators in this industry.”

IndieCrowdFunder’s crowdfunding ecosystem, whose first projects include films with Bill Engvallprrwadvert (Blue Collar TV, The Bill Engvall Show) and Jon Gries (Taken, Napoleon Dynamite, Men in Black), declares to be more than just another crowdfunding platform. They have gathered entertainment lenders to offer qualifying projects debt, tax credit, and gap financing, as well as pre-sales and distribution support. Further, IndieCrowdFunder also goes beyond just matching your projects up with interested investors. Their affiliation with broker dealer WealthForge, LLC allows them to actually service a filmmaker’s entire private equity offering from beginning to end.

To further assist entertainment professionals, IndieCrowdFunder has also rolled out a new feature, which is sure to be a hit, “Equity Concierge™.” This service and technology uses the project’s information input by the entertainment professional to “auto generate” DOC or PDF versions of the needed government required forms, private placement memorandum, and other inventor-related documents. Further, as a registered Securities and Exchange Commission filling agent, can also submit those forms on the entertainment professionals’ behalf.

“Our goal was to make equity crowdfunding and direct investment in a film as painless as possible,” said Co-Founder & Chief Projects Development Officer Denise Smith.

IndieCrowdFunder’s crowdfunding ecosystem took more than a year to build. IndieCrowdFunder engaged government analysts to review current securities laws and proposed SEC rules to ensure compliance and viability. Simultaneously, they involved technology professionals to design and build the platform to not only handle reward-based and the current equity Regulation D 504, 506(b), 506(c) and Regulations A models, but also to quickly allow for the new JOBS ACT Title III and Regulation A Tier II rules.

“Imagine the power of a ‘fan base’ that can actually invest in the content they truly want to see, and our technology will turn those fans into walking, talking, marketing machines,” says Christopher Parker, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We truly believe this will allow Hollywood level content to be created that would have never seen the light of day in the current studio system.”

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