Finding A Job May Soon Get Easier

JobWorxx is a new project that is merging the concept of LinkedIn Profiles along with matchmaking technologies similar to those utilized by some dating sites.

Most websites and apps that are designed to help you find a job typically just list various job openings by category.BU complete card - 2014 - final JobWorxx is attempting to go even further by not only helping people more easily search for jobs or allowing employers to search through a pool of potential hires, but will actually match requirements of a company with an employee using a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm. This program will not store and send out resumes, but will allow individuals to create a profile which will be more detailed than a standard resume. Utilizing the information in their profile JobWorxx will help to match people with a job that they are not only qualified for, but that they will thoroughly enjoy. According to the creators of the program, the algorithm that is being used will not only prequalify you for jobs, but in fact they guarantee 3 job offers if a person chooses to use their matching service, which is optional for a fee of $49.95

“JobWorxx was created to perfectly match people with their dream jobs and find the right person anywhere in the world for the position. With the JobWorxx matching algorithm you will be pre-qualified with a 75% plus chance of landing the job,” says a representative from the company.

The project is currently on schedule to launch in late 2014 and the creator hopes that this software will have a significant and positive impact on the job market. They are not only looking to make finding a job, or an employee, easier but also more efficient. They are also planning on using various social networks and digital communication tools like Facebook, Linkedin and Skype to allow for more transparency which they believe will allow individuals to be more effectively introduced to employers. The integration of programs like Skype will make communicating easier and more efficient.

The founder of the project has spent a great deal of time polling various human resource managers from larger companies and was pleased with the favorable and positive feedback that he received.

A person working on the project was quoted as saying, “It’s time job searching had an overhaul. The resume is boring, insufficient information and is costing individuals and corporations millions of dollars unnecessarily.”

In order to complete the development of this project the project leaders will need to raise approximately $16,500.00. Their goal is to not only create a program that will make finding a job much easier but also to help people get a job that they will appreciate and enjoy. In order to raise the funds that they need to complete the project, the JobWorkxx team has created a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo. They are offering several different perks for backers who would benefit from the software as individuals looking for a job, as well as, businesses that could use the software to help them locate employees who would best suit their needs. The perks vary depending on the size of the donation and whether the backer is an individual or a business.

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