RevolutionHR CEO Urges Companies To Make Performance Management Social With Wearable Technology

Fifty-four percent of company leaders agree their performance management system is in need of improvement, according to a 2013 Gallup survey. RevolutionHR’s new product, MaximusLife, offers a creative interactive solution to employee engagement and retention.

Fifty-four percent of company leaders agree their performance management system is in need of improvement, according to a 2013 Gallup survey.prrwadvert Experts agree that an effective system should encourage collaboration, teamwork and communication in order to retain and engage a company’s best employees. RevolutionHR CEO, Brady Bruner urges companies to invest in new technology to make the performance management process more social.

RevolutionHR recently launched a crowd-sourced pre-sale of their new performance and goal-setting software focused on making a great at life and work, MaximusLife. MaximusLife forms an engaging way to actually enjoy tracking and accomplishing goals with the latest technology including wearables.

MaximusLife uses a proprietary platform. MaximusLife automates the setup of SMART goals and tracking of wins using elements of gamification to keep the user engaged. Similar to Linkedin, which has over 300 million users to-date, the platform grows with users overtime.

“Unlike many systems today the social side of reviews, feedback and performance management is overlooked because of the lack of workplace technology available to employers,” says Bruner. “MaximusLife is based on real goals at work and in life, and the tool even integrates your fitness goals with your favorite wearable technology and fitness trackers.”

MaximusLife announced its first partner, Misfit Wearables. Misfit Wearables Fitness Tracker is one of the most innovative and successful lifestyle and wearable technologies. Their products are sold in stores like Best Buy and Apple.

The beauty of RevolutionHR’s platform lies in the design of the user experience, which revolves around Quests as visual and digital tracking tools for goals, feedback, challenges and wins. MaximusLife hinges around 4 key pillars based in the science that moves its users: visual science, positive psychology, competition/gamification and coaching/mentoring.

“One of our most revolutionary pieces of the platform for users is the Digital Timeline,” says Bruner. “You build a digital story of success through every interaction (assist, feedback, award, badge, etc.) generated around your goals. These interactions can be added to a timeline that grows and is shared virtually and visually.”

The platform’s bolt-on ability seeks to partner with best-of breed ERP and HCM systems that are currently running on outdated performance management foundations for the goal of making success fun and visual.

“Like the name implies, MaximusLife is all about making you great at life, which includes the 1/3 you spend at work,” said Bruner. “Goal-setting and growth should be fun for everyone. Unfortunately, for far too long HR has built it in as a process rather than a tool for growth, and now technology is ready to help us all change that.”

Investors can contribute to the MaximusLife Indiegogo campaign for as little as $1. Campaign perks include wearable technology by Misfit Wearables, digital career timelines, discounts on partner programs and pre-launch access. Backers at the highest tiers will receive the application beginning Fall 2014.

RevolutionHR is based out of Dallas, Texas, and provides companies with products and services to help their employees grow their careers more effectively – improving employee engagement, reducing turnover and increasing job satisfaction. Its latest product, MaximusLife, is a new employee-engagement platform that uses an innovative reward system to build a bridge between a company and its employees. Visually exciting, the Maximus Employee Engagement Platform – accessible online or via mobile – brings management of corporate and team goals, individual career growth and wellness initiatives into one easy-to-use system.

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