Sibelloptics’ New Laser Radar Can Help Airports, Wind Farms, And Firefighters

Sibelloptics Recently Delivered a Laser Radar to NASA with the Ability to Detect Aircraft Turbulence; The System, Christened Windimager, is Also Able to See the Violent and Unpredictable Winds Produced by Microbursts, Storm Fronts, and Wild Fires, All of Which, if Not Detected, Can Claim Lives and Property

The team of scientists and engineers at Sibelloptics have decades of experience building a wide range of lasers and optical systems. Now, after three years of design, assembly, and evaluation, Sibelloptics has successfully built and delivered to NASA a compact and rugged fiberoptic laser radar with a wide range of capabilities.

Originally developed to detect and map the wake vortices produced by aircraft wings, Windimager also has the ability to see atmospheric events such as wind shear, microbursts and rogue wind gusts – phenomena that are invisible to conventional Radar.prrwadvert Windimager can also see the savage and shifting winds created by wild fires. The ability to map the invisible world of wind means that Windimager can provide air traffic controllers, pilots, wind farm operators and fire fighters advance notice of severe and potentially hazardous weather. Windimager’s ability to accurately monitor winds over a broad range makes it an extremely useful meteorological instrument, an instrument that if deployed at wind farms would allow them to operate at maximum efficiency, thereby reducing the current cost of wind-source electricity. Similarly, Windimager can give emergency responders a way to predict a fires path and strategically battle its blaze while at the same time staying out of harm’s way.

Windimager is able to see the winds by sending out a stream of laser pulses. Laser light reflected back to the system from particles in the air is then analyzed. Any frequency shift in the light is transformed into precise wind speed and direction, which is then plotted on a futuristic wind profile map. Windimager is able to map the wind out to distances as great as 10 miles.

With the delivery of Windimager to NASA however, Sibelloptics lost the tool they needed to demonstrate the full capabilities of the technology to potential customers. In order to build the next generation system and showcase it to the world, Sibelloptics is launching a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will be presented on in the technology category and is scheduled for release on July 29th.

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