Startups Showcase Names Manny Fernandez The 2014 San Francisco Angel Investor Of The Year

Startups Showcase has named Manny Fernandez, angel investor/ founder of SF Angels Group and CEO,, the 2014 San Francisco Angel Investor of the Year.prrwadvert This Award recognizes individual accomplishments in the advancement of angel investing. Presented at the 1st anniversary of the Startups Showcase, a crowd of 800 plus representing the entrepreneurial culture of the San Francisco bay area, celebrated the contributions, dedication and passion of Fernandez to the startup community.

“Manny Fernandez is a leader in San Francisco angel investing with the founding of SF Angels Group and his on stage investment of one of our winning pitching startups,” says Jose De Dios founder of Startups Showcase. “He has willingly shared his knowledge about the angel investing process with other angels and the startup community through public speaking and informal mentoring.”

“Manny is a key partner and advocate for founders. As an advisor and investor in Tycoon Real Estate, he has shared incredibly valuable strategic insights and contacts to help move my startup forward.”Aaron McDaniel, Co-Founder/CEO of

“It is an honor to receive the Angel Investor of the year award, and I would like to thank all the people at Startups Showcase and the startup community,” said Fernandez. “I am continually amazed by the many good innovations and startup opportunities presented.”

Fernandez leads SF Angels Group a 28-member group of accredited investors. As an expert, in the area of crowdfunding for accredited investors, Manny has co-founded, where angel investors gain access to pre-screened hot startups.

He is a frequent panelist/Judge/Speaker at Silicon Valley startup pitch events and conferences.

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