Utah Man Creates Garden That Grows In A Kitchen

What started as a way to get an entrepreneur’s family to eat healthy has turned into a Kickstarter campaign aiming to grow fresh produce right in the kitchen. Utah native Steve Fleischer created Simply Fresh Wall Garden, a hydroponics garden that grows on a kitchen wall. kickstarter.com/projects/1203419233/hydroponic-indoor-wall-garden

Frustrated with the short harvest time of a traditional garden, Utah native Steve Fleischer created a garden that grows on the wall in his kitchen. The hydroponics garden, known as Simply Fresh Wall Garden, grows produce year round regardless of the weather outside.

BU complete card - 2014 - final“Everyone should be able to grow fresh produce no matter where you live,” said Fleischer. “But a traditional garden only produces three months out of the year. I want my family to eat healthy all throughout the year.”

Fleischer’s wall garden design utilizes the traditional method of hydroponics growing, but adds his own flair to make a indoor garden work in any kitchen.

“Two big gardening frustrations I hear about is weeding and over watering,” said Fleischer. “My design for the wall garden eliminates both of those problems.”

The wall garden has two main components: a series of grow pods that house the plants, and nutrient-rich water that feeds the plants. The wall garden is self watering, constantly pumping nutrient-rich water to the plants, eliminating the chance to over- or under-water. Those two features make the wall garden accessible for even black thumbs.

In order to produce the wall gardens, Fleischer is raising funds through Kickstarter.com, the popular crowd-funding platform. The campaign begins Tuesday, July 15.

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