New Kickstarter Project Initiated To Raise Funds For The Lotus Leaf, A Safe And Environmentally Friendly Pregnancy Pillow System To Improve Sleep While Pregnant

Prenatal Massage Therapist, Julie Robbins, calls herself a pregnancy sleep geek, and with good reason. For almost 20 years she listened to her clients say, “I feel great on your massage table—I wish I could feel this comfortable sleeping at night!” It was that idea, of bringing her unique massage table setup to the bedroom, that sparked a whole new way of thinking about sleep during pregnancy.

According to a 1998 National Sleep Foundation Poll, 78% of women reported more disturbed sleep during pregnancy than any other times in lives. Further, based on a 2011 study, women who have reduced sleep have an increased risk of C-section and premature births. No wonder, then, after working with thousands of sleepless pregnant women, Julie’s obsession became her mission.

Julie has created the Lotus Leaf, a pregnancy pillow system designed to cradle a pregnant woman’s body and support her in perfect therapeutic alignment. Each of the 9 different pillows works together and can be customized for a pregnant woman’s body as it grows and changes.

Starting July 14, LotusLeaf Solutions, LLC will be running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed for production and to let women know they can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep while pregnant.

“I wanted to run a Kickstarter campaign because it was important to me to that the Lotus Leaf was all about being the best, safest and most environmentally friendly option for pregnant women. Doing this lets me focus on helping pregnant women enjoy truly blissful sleep while protecting the environment, instead of just worrying about the bottom line,” says Julie.

Julie admits she had personal reasons for creating the Lotus Leaf: she wanted to make sure she had an early prototype during her own two pregnancies.

About LotusLeaf Solutions, LLC:

LotusLeaf Solutions, LLC is the maker of the Lotus Leaf pregnancy sleep system. Founded by prenatal massage therapist, doula and mom, Julie Robbins, the Lotus Leaf is designed to support your pregnant body in 14 different ways for maximum comfort and awesome sleep.

It is our passion to support women during pregnancy by reducing pain and improving sleep, resulting in better health for moms and their babies, while caring for the planet those children will inherit.

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