Buy With Cash Anywhere You Go: ZipZap Expands Global Cash Transaction Network To 20,000 UK Retail Locations Through Payzone Partnership

ZipZap, Inc, the leading global transaction network, today announced its expansion to the UK through a partnership with Payzone, one of UK’s leading consumer payments and cash distribution networks.

With this partnership, ZipZap now offers an easy way for UK residents to buy digital currencies at more than 20,000 retail payment center locations; UK users can also buy digital currencies like bitcoin, Lite coin and Dogecoin through one of ZipZap’s exchange partners such as ANX, Bittylicious and

“Many UK consumers prefer dealing with cash without having to disclose their banking information,” said ZipZap’s Simon Nahnybida, SVP of Business Development. “Our partnership with Payzone allows customers to easily buy digital currencies online and pay at convenient locations within a walking distance from their home or work.”

Payzone is one of the leading consumer payments and cash distribution networks in the UK, allowing consumers to manage prepaid phone plans, transportation ticketing and now their digital wallets.

“We are very excited to partner with ZipZap and participate in the digital currency economy,” said Mark Mellor, Director of Sales and Marketing at Payzone. “We strive to provide the best products and services with the utmost convenience and ZipZap’s practices fall in line with our belief of providing quick and cost-effective payment services to consumers whilst offering an extra service for our merchants to add to their Payzone basket of services.”

“While electronic payments (via credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.) overall will see double digit growth in the next few years, we expect to see an exponential growth with digital currency and cryptocurrency in the next two to three years,” said Gil Luria, analyst and managing director at Wedbush Securities. “We believe the UK, in particular, may be an early adopter of Bitcoin technology because of its substantial money remittance markets, which can be served by the lower price point of Bitcoin-based remittance services. “

In additional support of the UK expansion, ZipZap recently partnered with IDology one of the leading provider of innovative technology solutions for businesses, to support ID verification to help deter fraud and meet compliance standards.

About ZipZap:

ZipZap, Inc. is a global payment network, enabling consumers to buy, sell or use digital currencies with cash or other payment options. Founded in 2010, ZipZap is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations around the globe.

About Payzone:

Payzone is one of the leading consumer payments and cash distribution networks in Europe. Headquartered in Dublin, it has operations in 21 countries across Europe, processing over 630 million transactions per year on behalf of its clients. These transactions have a yearly value of over €13 billion Euro and are handled electronically through the Payzone network of over 240,000 points of service (terminals, vending units and EPOS tills) at more than 170,000 retail locations across Europe. Payzone offers a wide range of services including pre-paid mobile phone top-ups, energy pre-payments, bill payments, pre-paid Visa vouchers, local and housing authority payments, pre-paid Visa and MasterCard payment cards, payment vouchers for on-line shopping, gift card and loyalty programs, transport ticketing, lottery games, parking and electronic road tolling, debit and credit card acceptance, contactless payment solutions and world-wide money transfer services. Payzone also operates approximately 6,000 ATM cash dispensers in the UK and Germany.

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