Umbrella USB Now On Kickstarter

Charge and protect mobile devices while blocking data syncing and “Juice Jacking”

The Umbrella USB is the 100% effective Firewall for mobile devices. When connected to any USB port, Umbrella allows power to flow so it can charge, but physically disconnects the data connections. This technology eliminates any possible data theft. “‘Juice Jacking’ is a new phenomenon where people can take over your phone when it is plugged into a USB charging port;” said co-founder Hardeep Johar, “Umbrella is a safe and effective way for everyone to charge their mobile device.”

In addition to its protection feature, Umbrella completely stops automatic syncing including iTunes or Windows drivers. There is no app, download, setting change or charging required. Just plug it in and 100% protection is guaranteed.

Umbrella is a simple device that physically disconnects the wires in your USB cable that transmit data, and only allows contact with the wires that are for power. This physical disconnection stops malware and makes it impossible for hackers to gain access to your phone or other mobile device.

“With Umbrella, you no longer have to worry about this risk;” said co-founder Chris Higgins, “Think of Umbrella as the most affordable insurance policy you can buy!”

Umbrella is small and affordable, requires no set-up, no software, and works with literally any mobile device that is charged via USB.

Their Kickstarter campaign launched on June 2, 2014.

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