Mr. Rogers For The 21st Century: ‘Grandma Polka Dott’ Seeks Funding To Bring Focus On Values Back To Children’s Television Programming

A well-known Utah artist who calls herself “Grandma Polka Dott” is set to transform children’s television by using art, music and storytelling to teach common values all but forgotten in today’s digitally overloaded world.

“It’s a throwback to an era when communities collectively taught children basic attributes like honesty, respect, courage and love,” said Dotty Ralphs, aka Grandma Polka Dott. “It’s my mission and passion to impart and nurture these critical values at an early age.”

Grandma Polka Dott is a fresh, new personality for television who invites young viewers to gather around the kitchen counter for a one-on-one chat, or the art easel for an interactive drawing lesson, or the family room for a puppet show.

With each activity, she infuses little lessons of tolerance, cooperation, self-discipline and determination. Each value is taught with all the caring calmness and endearing spunk you’d only expect from a grandma named Polka Dott.

“So much of today’s television is full of empty calories,” Ralphs said. “I want to change that by enlightening minds and prompting value-based discussions that will hopefully continue around the dinner table.”

In order to start her goal to revolutionize television and rescue the digital generation by reviving the lost art of value-driven entertainment, Grandma Polka Dott is raising operating costs to produce episodes through the crowdfunding site

“Please help me get this important project off the ground by supporting my Kickstarter campaign,” Ralphs said. “It’s my hope that I can be a force for good in spreading these essential values.”

About Grandma Polka Dott:

There are already several, short pilot episodes on titled: Fearless, Hope, Loving Kindness, Diligence, etc. More information can be found on her daily blog on Facebook at grandmapolkadott. Also, go to and look under the project title “grandmapolkadott” for the campaign started on June 3 and ending July 3rd.

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