Student Hacks 1960s Diana Film Camera For The Digital Age!

Welsh student Greg Dash, 26, from South Wales has created the world’s first digital version of the classic Diana camera. Facing the possibility of unemployment after graduating this year, he’s launched the camera online to help him start his business and has received an overwhelming response.

Only 1000 cameras will be produced by Greg who hit headlines last year after paying off his student debt by inventing the world’s first fisheye digital camera. Now with graduation fast approaching, Greg has decided to launch a new camera and start his business Cyclops Cameras.

This new project is raising funds via Indiegogo and has raised over £11,000 already in less than 48 hours. Already enough funds have been raised that have allowed Greg to start ordering materials.

Based on a classic cult film camera from the 1960s, the Diana Camera houses a high-quality digital sensor and can take pictures of up to 12 megapixels. It also has a plastic lens, replicating the look of photos taken on the original camera but has all the benefits of digital photography including in built photo filters, and some manual control of white balance and ISO.

Greg said: “My first project was very successful and I was able to ship out my Little Cyclops camera to people all over the world. It’s amazing seeing some of the photos people manage to take with the camera (better than I ever could!) and I’ve put a space on the website that links into our Flickr group to share some of these photos.

“I’m now hoping that this new project will repeat this success, and again we’re only making 1000 cameras to make sure we can guarantee quality and make sure I can get the cameras out to early backers by Christmas.”

Greg’s first camera was called the ‘Little Cyclops’ and was a tiny fisheye camera that made news headlines all over the world. MSNBC also recently listed Greg as one of the UK’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs.

“We’ve already developed a working prototype and just now need to raise the funds to cover the costs to purchase the materials for the cameras. I can’t believe the response I’ve had to this, and in less than 48 hours I’ve raised enough funds to put a deposit on materials.”

Cameras will cost £65 each (but there will be a limited number for a lower price) and for backers in the UK there is an option to pick up your camera from a launch party in London.

Info on the camera and order here:

– 1:1 replica of the classic Diana camera

– Plastic Lens equivalent to taking a picture on 35mm film, replicating the look of the classic camera

– Authentic shutter sounds when pressing the shutter button – recorded from an original camera

– Limited edition to 1000 cameras (I only produce cameras in small batches)

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