Patronomy Partners With FundMyBiz To Provide Cloud Business Plans For Crowdfunders

Patronomy is delighted to Partner with Venture Hothouse, the software development company behind ‘Fund My Business’ (FMB), which has also joined the Patronomy Mentor Program.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups or existing businesses that want to raise funding through Crowd Funding, Angel Investment, Bank finance, Venture Capital, Grant or other sources, can significantly increase their chances of raising the finance by using the FMB Cloud-Based Business Planning & Financial Forecasting Tools.

The FMB tools have been developed using a methodology that has raised millions of pounds of funding over many years. The FMB tools are available via ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) so that the business plan and financial forecasts can be accessed and worked on from anywhere using a web browser enabled device via a simple monthly subscription account.

Three ‘Editions’ of the Tools are available with each ‘Edition’ focused on helping specific types of businesses and entrepreneurs to raise funding. The FMB Tools can be used by Start-Ups, Micro Businesses, Sole Traders, Early-Stage or Corporate Businesses, University Spin-Outs, Social Enterprises, SMEs and even Non-Profit organisations, while making the business planning process as simple as possible.

Using the FMB Tools may also help to provide the supporting documentation needed to open a business bank account, apply for place on a business growth programme or make an application for a place in a business incubation unit. Subscription costs start at just £10 per month – so join now at for the best possible preparation for success.

Starting a Crowd Funding project at is simple and the business plan that is generated from Fund My Business can be inserted or referenced from the project page for backers to see.

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