Business On The Edge, Incorporated Announces Their New Rewards And Loyalty Program For Small Business Owners

Business Coach Margaret Jackson is thinking outside of the box and making coaching resources more accessible and affordable for Small Business Owners.

Business on the Edge, Incorporated, announces their new rewards and loyalty program for small business owners. The cost of business coaching and/or business mentorship is costly. SBA states, that each year there are approximately 10%-12% small business births and 10%-12% of small business deaths the following year. “Small business owners, often times, lack business development and operational strengths, and do not have the funding to support consistent business coaching and support needed to develop those strengths. If there is better accessibility and affordability; it is possible to change SBA statistics on SBO deaths and SBO’s confidence to succeed in business for the long haul.” (CEO, Margaret Jackson, Business on the Edge, Incorporated and AM 1220 KDOW Silicon Valley/Bay Area Business Radio Host)

The loyalty and rewards program will allow SBOs to earn on the edge bucks that can be applied to business training classes, seminars, webinars, and business coaching sessions. The business coaching could include public relations, radio interviews, branding, and advertising support. “Small businesses are searching for smart opportunities that support business growth; they have exhausted the traditional Small Business Adminitrations, Small Business Development Centers, Chambers, and Small Business City Ally resources. The next level of their business development support would need to include some specific business strategies and step-by-step, hand-holding mitigating fatal business mistakes.” (CEO, Margaret Jackson, Business on the Edge, Incorporated and AM 1220 KDOW Silicon Valley/Bay Area Business Radio Host)

“In only a short time, I have already received marketing ideas to help our company grow, guidance to be aware of our company’s business model and brand recognition, “how we are different” as well as setting goals and tracking growth. I have become aware of crowdfunding solutions to raise capital. We discussed more personal approaches to networking with other business owners and professionals that work, and in addition to all of those values – I have received exposure in Margaret’s newsletter as the business of the week, a 5 minute airtime opportunity on AM 1220 KDOW and a 20 minute presentation opportunity to teach other business owners about our company and how we can help other businesses.” (Lisa Cortland, Small Business Owner, Cortland Consulting)

Business on the Edge, Incorporated is a San Jose / Silicon Valley leader in encouraging, motivating, and providing resources, tools, small business training and development for small businesses and women in business. It has a mass-media reach that supports small businesses and professional visibility through AM 1220 KDOW Business & Finance Radio, the online publication San Jose Women’s Business Examiner, and the On the Edge Women In Business CLUB. For more information about Business on the Edge, Inc.

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