Ranker Launches Polling Widget, Allowing Sites To Significantly Increase User Engagement

Publishers See Up to 50% Increase in User Engagement and 70% Increase in Time on Site with the Ranker Voting Widget

Ranker.com, a Quantcast Top 200 site where users power crowdsourced “rankings of everything,” announces the launch of their polling widget out of beta today. The new widget allows site owners to easily embed interactive polls, lists, and slideshows to their websites. The initial feedback has been positive: widget users report up to a 50% increase in engagement, 70% increase in time on site, and 125% more comments than typical posts.

While simple multiple-choice polls have been around for years, Ranker’s lists are particularly engaging. Users can vote on multiple items, add additional favorites, and completely reorder items to make lists of their own. Over the past four years, Ranker has seen their traffic grow exponentially by publishing votable lists on topics that their readers obsess over. With the new widget, any site owner can replicate this “stickiness” and add an element of interactivity to his own site.

“Ranker’s goal is to provide the best, crowdsourced answers to the millions of questions where a ranked list is the best answer,” said Ranker CEO and Founder Clark Benson. “The Ranker widget expands the power of list-making, now giving third party website owners a tool that both increases the time their visitors spend with their brand and helps them to better understand their users.”

To date, over 3,000 sites have used the Ranker widget to power polls and foster engagement with their communities. Complex Media, Movies.com, CraveOnline, Wetpaint, TimeOut, and SBNation are among the roster of top tier sites that have used the polling feature. The widget’s versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with the designs of many different sites and web platforms.

Nathan Slavik, Managing Editor of DJ Booth, a next generation online magazine, says that their site has benefited from the Ranker widget. “Interacting with our community is a crucial part of our strategy, and the Ranker widget has allowed us to have a truly dynamic conversation with them that goes beyond mere voting,” said Slavik.

Ranker’s widget is free, and bloggers can add it to their sites as easily as any YouTube embed. If sites post widgets regularly and wish to add advertising to the embed, Ranker also offers a monetization program.

Some features of the Ranker widget include:

Desktop and mobile-ready formats

Plugin for sites built on WordPress

Skin-friendly to match the aesthetics of any site

Analytics built into each widget so site owners can see votes and voter counts

Option for the audience to contribute their own items to a list

Built-in social sharing capability

Option to use slideshow format

While publishers can create a new votable list from scratch using Ranker’s interface, most choose to start by testing one of the thousands of quality lists already available at Ranker.com/widget.

About Ranker:

Ranker, a Quantcast Top 200 destination doing 14 million monthly unique visitors and 250 million monthly pageviews, is a crowdsourced site and platform. Consumers visit Ranker to view, rank, and vote on broad opinion-based rankings, ranging from the best board games to the sexiest women over 50 to the best inexpensive cars. Lists are a tried-and-true web traffic driver, but Ranker’s crowdsourcing technology adds user engagement at scale, turning these lists into the “best possible rankings” based on the wisdom of crowds.

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