Invisivision Eyewear Technology Debuts On Kickstarter

Invisivision is a patent-pending eyewear technology, by PipeDream Interactive, that uses the current 3D infrastructure to allow users to control their experience and select between different image and video streams. Having received serious traction from large Hollywood producers and studios, Invisivision is raising money through Kickstarter to fund a short film starring Aaron Ashmore and J.P. Manoux that will demonstrate this amazing innovation in the best possible quality.

Patent-pending eyewear technology, Invisivision, is disrupting the film, gaming, and advertising industries with the ability to see multiple video streams on the same screen. Crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a short film starring Aaron Ashmore and J.P. Manoux, Invisivision has raised the interest of major Hollywood studios and producers with their cost effective technology.

The technology was developed by Ryan Brooks, who later with, co-founders, Robert Bruski and Josh Brooks coined it “Invisivision,” filed the patents, and created a business in the early months of 2014. The idea came from a series of screenplays Ryan was writing, and was later perfected with the help of top-tier industry visual projection moguls. The applications of this technology will revolutionize the way movies are experienced by unlocking hidden features, providing multilingual subtitles and closed captions, removing rated content for younger viewers or even allowing viewers to watch the same movie from different perspectives. There are also potential applications for gaming with dual-player full-screen capabilities, conventional stereoscopic 3D, exhibits, displays and interactive marketing.

There has already been significant interest in the Invisivision technology from major Hollywood studios and producers. However, due to the Hollywood expectation of high-quality demonstration pieces, the Invisivision team has written an innovative short film to properly present the features. A Kickstarter campaign has therefore been launched to raise the $200,000 to produce the short film “Propose-Coloured Glasses,” which is being produced in conjunction with Sheridan Production House, and award-winning director Glenn Forbes (accolades include: 2-time Gold and Platinum Worldfest Remi Award, Telefilm Canada Golden Quill Award, The Canadian Film Centre’s Worldwide Short Film Festival Screenplay Award, and the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Award). The team have already secured well known actors Aaron Ashmore and J.P. Manoux to assume the leading roles. Agreements have been reached with Cineplex and Regal Cinemas to show the film across Canada and the United States, allowing supporters to see the technology first hand.

The technology behind the patent-pending Invisivision eyewear is simple yet effective, using specific passive filters to separate and isolate multiple image streams being broadcast to the viewer on a single display. Plus, it repurposes the existing infrastructure already in place.

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