ThoroBid Launches Equity Investment Offering On EarlyShares

Social handicapping tool for Thoroughbred racing fans now raising funds on equity crowdfunding platform.

EarlyShares, a leading equity funding platform that connects smart investors with unique opportunities, today announced the launch of an equity offering for ThoroBid, a social handicapping tool and online community for Thoroughbred racing fans.

ThoroBid is seeking up to $1 million in convertible debt financing through its equity offering on EarlyShares. To learn more about the investment opportunity, go to

Due to current SEC regulations, only accredited investors who are registered users of EarlyShares are able to invest in ThoroBid and other equity investment opportunities on EarlyShares. Interested investors can sign up here and fill out an accreditation questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to invest.

ThoroBid uses crowdsourcing and proprietary analytics to help its members make better wagering decisions in the world of horse racing. The site leverages a powerful, cloud-based e-commerce and data analytics infrastructure to provide a graphically pleasing, navigationally intuitive site for handicappers, fans, and horsemen to share their ideas, hopes, and enthusiasm for the sport.

On a product level, ThoroBid is a crowdsourcing handicapping tool that analyzes the behavior of highly predictive handicappers. On a corporate level, ThoroBid is a next generation online aggregation platform serving the 15 million racing fans and industry professionals in the US.

“ThoroBid is in an ideal position to capture a multimillion dollar market opportunity,” said Anthony Lage, founder & CEO of ThoroBid. “Today, thoroughbred horse racing industry data is imprecise, expensive, and extremely fragmented. We’re bringing the horse racing community into the 21st century with the understanding that better informed handicappers will wager more, and with more confidence – making the pie bigger for all participants in an already huge industry.”

“We look forward to raising the funds necessary to expand our product, grow our membership, and provide an even better service to our users and customers,” Lage continued.

“At EarlyShares, we believe that entrepreneurs and small business owners drive disruptive innovation,” said Joanna Schwartz, CEO of EarlyShares. “ThoroBid is a unique business with significant traction. We’re excited to help ThoroBid raise the funding necessary to follow through on their product development and expansion plans.”

EarlyShares, founded in 2011, is a funding platform that hosts general solicitation investment offerings and rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns. To register and gain access to all equity investment offerings and crowdfunding campaigns on EarlyShares, click here.

About EarlyShares

EarlyShares, based in Miami, FL, is the funding platform that connects smart investors with unique opportunities. EarlyShares provides issuers and investors with a trusted, secure, compliant environment to capitalize on new regulations and engage in smooth, efficient transactions. On EarlyShares, investors diversify their portfolios while helping entrepreneurs drive progress, create jobs, and generate economic growth. We call it Passionomics™ – the science of creating value at the intersection of personal passion and investing. To learn more, visit

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