Gulliver’s Gate Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Bring Greatest Miniature World To The Big Apple

Gulliver’s Gate LLC announces the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to bring to New York the world’s most magical, interactive and technologically-advanced miniature park attraction in the world. Gulliver’s Gate™, slated to come to New York’s Times Square area in 2016, will be the largest, most intricate and immersive miniature attraction ever in the United States and among the most innovative in the world – all where a six-foot man stands 0.8 inches tall.

Tourists, hobbyists, train collectors and anyone fascinated with the wonder of our world in fantastical miniature will now have the opportunity to make Gulliver’s Gate™ a reality.

“This will become one of Manhattan’s ‘must see’ attractions for locals and visitors alike,” said Eiran Gazit, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Gulliver’s Gate LLC. “It will be magical, enchanting, educational and inspiring, leaving the visitor with that special ‘WOW’ feeling only a place like this can create.”

Just as Jonathan Swift did with Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver’s Gate™ will tap into people’s fascination and wonder with the miniature in 21st Century fashion.

Gulliver’s Gate™ was created and co-founded by Gazit. Mr. Gazit is the Founder and was the first CEO of Mini Israel, a 14-acre outdoor miniature park depicting Israel’s greatest treasures. Abraham Shwartz and Michael Langer also are co-founders of Gulliver’s Gate™.

The funds raised from this Kickstarter campaign will allow for the development of the exact architectural and layout design to implement the project. Gulliver’s Gate™ is seeking $150,000 to $200,000 for this phase and completion is expected by Fall 2014. The entire budget is estimated to be $5 million, excluding the site lease.

Several innovative features will make Gulliver’s Gate™ one of the most state-of-the-art miniature attractions in the world, including: embedded cameras, remote controlled vehicles, hot air balloons, even a space station shuttle. The display will include over 1,000 trains, 12,000 wagons and 10,000 cars.

Backers donating $100 or more can attend a grand opening celebration where they can be recreated in miniature. Higher funding levels up to $2,000 award special gifts, including: customized limited edition steam locomotives, Walthers cabooses, and mini handheld telescopes.

Gulliver’s Gate™ also will feature one of the most advanced model shops in the world where master craftspeople will help visitors build their own miniature displays.

Gulliver’s Gate™ Partners

The Hettema Group, one of the world’s leading designers of tourist attractions, helped create the concept, design and layout for Gulliver’s Gate™ and will develop the build out plans. Walthers Model Railroading, the world’s largest distributor of model railroad equipment, will be manufacturing and supplying motorized parts and equipment. Faller, Europe’s leading manufacturer of all things miniature (except trains), will assist with accessories, scaled buildings and advanced control systems. Brooklyn Model Works will serve as the local development headquarters for the display.

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