Elegant, Weightless And Virtually Invisible Scratch- And Drop-Protector For iPad® Works With Or Without Smart Cover

Next week Simple Innovations LLC releases iCorners™ Air/ MiniR model, the simple, practically weightless and virtually invisible scratch- and drop- protector for Apple iPad® Air and iPad® Mini with Retina Display. iCorners™ Air/MiniR provide sufficient protection for screen and housing and do not require use of Smart Cover or similar accessories. However, when used together, they provide perfect protection for iPad®. iCorners™ Air/MiniR allow access to speakers, camera, buttons and all of the ports, including headphone jack.

iCorners™ are made with Makrolon® polycarbonate. The Makrolon® polycarbonate has unique combinations of properties. It is virtually unbreakable, impact resistant in wide temperature range, and lightweight with glass-like transparency. Impact modified Makrolon® is used in safety goggles, helmets, riot shields, holsters and other tactical gear.

iCorners™ Air/MiniR will be available for preorder on Kickstarter starting Monday May 19th @ 10am EDT. Early bird pledges start as low as $12 (US). The product will be available to the public in July 2014 for $19.99 (US). iCorners™ Air/MiniR will be sold through iCorners.com online store, and other retail and online stores.

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