Commodity Robot: Review Exploring Automated Commodity Trading Software Released releases a review of the newly launched Commodity Robot – a so-called “cyborg” technology that trades in up to seven commodity markets on autopilot.

Commodity Robot – a newly launched commodity trading software platform has been generating a huge amount of press lately for the volume of commodities the software can allow a user to trade at any given moment. The buzz surrounding its release has drawn the attention of’s Tiffany Hendricks, resulting in an in-depth review of the software.

“If the Great Recession and its impact on the liquidity of the markets has taught us anything, it’s that diversification of investments is simply a smart move for today’s investor,” reports Hendricks. “What makes adding commodities to your portfolio a smart move is that they tend to perform well in times of inflation and can balance out your portfolio when other assets are not performing as well. In other words, it’s a great way to hedge against uncertain economic conditions.” Hendricks adds, “As someone who has been considering diversifying my portfolio, the recent events in Ukraine and the resulting higher inflationary numbers in Europe, has left me determined to look into commodities more seriously. That’s why, when I heard of Commodity Robot’s ability to trade in several commodities at the same time, twenty-four hours a day, I was intrigued, and knew I had to review it for my readers.”

Commodity Robot’s software platform allows users to take full advantage of market variables without requiring the user to spend hour upon hour pouring over mind numbing market data. The program’s sophisticated algorithm does all the work and predicts the changes in the market based on complex data analysis. All the user has to do is to download the software and then the software links to a trading account where it can begin to start trading.

There are several plans a user can choose from with Commodity Robot. These include the “Basic Plan,” the “Deluxe Plan,” the “Premium Plan,” and the “Ultimate Plan.” Each plan permits the user to trade in a certain number of commodities at any given time. For example, a user who has the Deluxe plan is can trade in oil, gold, silver, copper and coffee whereas a Premium Plain user can trade in oil, gold, silver, copper, coffee, bitcoin and palladium.

“Based on our review we would highly recommend this product to any trader interested n commodities,” reports Hendricks. “This is a great way to diversify and hedge against potential political and economic uncertainty that could effect other investments. This is also a great option for the beginner given the easy of use application of the software.”

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